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שטיח בוניטה

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- Home delivery - (5-10 business days) - Each country has a different shipping cost. You can ask our customer service how much shipping costs to your country.
*Gold jewelry - free shipping (10 - 20 business days)

- Designed photos category - Small photo up to 1.40 cm: shipping cost NIS 39

Large picture over 1.40 cm: shipping cost 180 NIS

- For fast delivery, you can contact the customer service at the number: 055-999-4981


Whether the size doesn't fit, you didn't connect with the design, or you're buying the item as a gift and you're not sure if they'll like it:

You can get your money back (except for shipping fees) or exchange for another item within 14 days of receiving the product!

All you have to do is keep the product intact, do not use it in any way, and leave it in its original packaging.
Contact us on WhatsApp or by email, and that's all!

We will send a courier to your home who will make the return or exchange easily and quickly.

When the item is received back by us, your money will be deposited with you, except for the shipping fees!

*There will be no possibility of exchange/return of items from the "gold jewelry" category purchased through the website, which are not due to a defect, except in the cases stipulated by law, in the regulations.

*Jewelry whose value exceeds NIS 3,000 does not have the right to cancel a transaction.

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שטיחים יוקרתיים בעיצובה של המעצבת מיכל נגרין. השטיחים מעוצבים בדוגמא עשירה המשלבת שושנים עם מוטיבים תחרתיים בסגנון הייחודי למעצבת ובתוספת גימור פרנזים. הדוגמא מודפסת בטכנולוגיה חדשנית ובאיכות גבוהה על גבי השטיח. השטיח עשוי מבדי קטיפה בשילוב חומר ייחודי, גב השטיח עשוי 100% כותנה המייצבת את השטיח על הרצפה ומונעת החלקה. עיצוב השטיחים עוצר נשימה ושילובי הצבעים בו קסומים ורומנטיים והינו יצירת אומנות למיכל נגרין אשר שואפת להעניק הרמוניה בבית.
שטיח בוניטה
שטיח בוניטה

Michal Negrin

Negrin has been creating a unique international lifestyle for over two decades, offering original handmade jewelry, vintage-inspired fashion and home design. Since its establishment in a market stall in 1988, Michal Negrin has become an exclusive recognized brand, which continues to expand in far corners around the world.