Michal Negrin

For over two decades, Michal Negrin has been creating a unique international lifestyle and offering original handmade vintage jewelry along with fashion and home design items. Since the establishment of the business at a market stall in 1988, Michal Negrin has become an exclusive recognized brand that continues to develop and expand to distant corners all over the world.
Michal Negrin's design is famous and admired for its distinct uniqueness. Michal's creations are timeless
And always remain fashionable.

Michal Negrin initially focused her inspiration on designing and creating embroidered ornaments on top of lace inlaying crystals and metallic elements with a feminine and romantic Victorian essence. These jewels were a breakthrough in the world of jewelry design due to their unique style, and over the years Negrin added decorative and home objects, as well as an exclusive fashion line, to its range of products. All her creations have the same qualities of handmade art, with an emphasis on the attention to small details and an endless variety of color combinations that have gained international recognition and serve as a source of inspiration and imitation among designers around the world.

Our mission is to be an inspiration for women on every continent and in every country on earth. Through the constant creation of magical jewelry, fashion items and home decor, made from the finest materials, we enable our customers to express their individuality and unique style.