Isabelle Designer Round Carpet in Black



A collection of luxury rugs designed in a rich pattern that combines roses and ornaments. The rugs are made from quality velvet and are combined with a unique material with the addition of a luxurious fringe finish with a majestic look that enhances the atmosphere of any room that it inhabits. The back of the rug is made of a material that stabilizes the rug on the floor and prevents slipping. The design of the rugs is breathtaking and the color combinations are magical and romantic and is a work of art for Michal Negrin who strives to give you harmony at home.

Size: 150 cm

3 kg
160 × 14 × 14 cm
Size (cm)

60×90, 60×120, 80×180, 120×180, 160×230, 180×290, 150 Round